Want to take your volleyball talents to the next level? At Academy USA, we have fantastic coaches and excellent technology to help our athletes learn and grow, no matter their skill level. We teach everything from the most basic fundamentals of the sport to the advanced skills you’ll need in collegiate or professional sports. We combine traditional, on-the-court training with video support to provide an excellent learning experience to help our young athletes succeed.


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Volleyball Fundamental Drills Clinics


We put a strong emphasis on the basics at Academy USA. It’s incredibly important to perfect fundamental volleyball skills before moving on to more advanced moves. When you have the basics mastered, it’s far easier to excel at the rest of the game and build more advanced moves on top of the basics.


Academy USA’s Fundamental Drills Skills clinics make the game more fun and rewarding for our young athletes. In spending the majority of our practices on the fundamentals, we simplify the learning process for our athletes and make it effortless to do all the “little things” that make up the game of volleyball. We work on the following skills and more:


  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Blocking
  • Attack (hitting and spiking)
  • Defense (rolling and sliding)
  • Strengthening and conditioning
  • Speed and agility